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F.A UNITECH SERVICE Company gives CNC spindle repairing and maintenance services to all brands of CNC machines available in the Israeli market, including milling, grinding and turning machines.

The company established at 2013, and has more than 20 clients, including strategic clients from the aerospace market and industrial market.

Located at the north of Israel, F.A UNITECH SERVICE has become a leading CNC service company that knows for high quality service and quick respond.

About Us

The staff

The staff

Mr. Faris Abed – CEO
Mr. Andrey Bershadsky – technical manager
4 mechanical technicians
2 electronic &electrical technicians
Office management



All managers have more than 15 years of experience (individually) in the field.
Our technicians are highly experience and have in combine more than 60 years of experience in CNC repairing
All out technical staff has certified and trained for maintenance and repairing CNC machines.



Our facility includes two halls:
Main lab – for checking, assembling, calibrate 120 m², equipped with all tools for repairing spindles and CNC machines: Electronic diagnostic equipment, granite table, calibration tools, assembly room, checking equipment.
Workshop – for producing spacers, shims, parts 500 m², equipped with production machines: Grinding machine, Milling machine, Lathe machine, workshop tools

Why Us?


Quick and professional problem solved


Highly experienced and trained staff to give all CNC services


We give fast respond and high availability to our client (24hr availability)

High service

We give all types of CNC service available


Available services to almost every CNC brands

Our Services

What we do

CNC machines are designed to give the maximum performance to their clients, but lacking or inadequate maintenance or poor professional service can bring CNC machines into a disaster- from out of calibrating up to breakdown of vital parts. From the client point of view, the final outcome of it means a loss of money.
F.A UNITECH SERVICE is the right company to give the suitable service to our clients- maintenance services for preventing time and money loss, repairing services to give quick and professional problem solve.

Main services
    • Spindle renovation and repairing
    • CNC machine diagnostics
    • CNC machine maintenance
    • CNC machines install and relocate
    • Spindle renovate and calibrate
    • Main axes renovate/replace
    • Main axes calibrate
    • Replacing leading screws
    • Rotary table renovate
    • Electronic diagnostic
    • Periodical maintenance
    • Installing new CNC machines
    • Relocating for CNC machines
The process
    • Check
    • Disassembling
    • Evaluate
    • Repair
    • Assembling
    • Pre-installed check
    • Install and check
Machine types
    • Milling machines (3,4,5 axis)
    • Turning machines (with Y axis)
    • Grinding machines (3,4,5 axis)
    • Cutting machines (water jet)
Our Clients:

We are working with aerospace and industrial companies. Among our clients:
Industrial: SANMINA
Other small local companies

Contact Us:

Meilia industrial zone 25140, Israel


office +972-4-9925993  Faris +972-52-4656200 Andrey +972-54-6267200


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